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Costa Rica Is Calling My Name

Costa Rica Is Calling My Name

I haven't had a vacation in 20 years... really. So when my gal pal came to me and started talking about wanting to take a vacation in Costa Rica, my ears began to aid up. She told me that it was a vacation destination that few people think of and because of that it can be aggrandized pleasant and less populated by other tourists.

The Crazy girl is thinking of unambitious there and buying property. She asked me if I would consider doing that. I told her that maybe we should just get a vacation under our belt and then we can think about resultant there. Quite frankly folks, the only date I have had in a while on a Saturday blackness is my 7 - year old grandson, so it is safe to say that I need to get away.

Planning a vacation is something totally foreign to me. I get dressed up for a vitality to the grocery store then thinking about this is big, very big. The Internet has cornered the market with online travel agencies but I really want to talk to a person and get the scoop. I have heard of how people plan trips and when they arrive, their lovely accommodations turn into a community bathtub in a tent and a port - a - potty. I want to get the most for my dollar and overlook the pitfalls most tourists make when assembly to get away.

I don't even have a passport and I have heard that it can take up to a year to influence one. So it is guarded to say that I am planning a vacation in at least a year in advance. I am a researcher and I like to get all the information in place before I make plans to pay for a trip. Of course it is Sunday and no hop agency listed phonebook is open.

I went to the library yesterday and found books on Costa Rica and I am reading like a fiend. The only travel example they had for me to check out on Costa Rica was a 2003 edition. However, most of the restaurants and hotels have web addresses and toll for nothing phone numbers, so I onus contact them to get conventional information if I committal to.

I decided to shake on into the different types of vacations you can plan. I came up with Spa Resort vacations, wildlife and national parks, sport vacations, historical, shopping, nightlife, and my indicative favorite, the art vacation.

I will write about these as I find out about them. To begin with there are 7 areas to explore. The most logical place to start is San Jose the capital of Costa Rica. The mismatched areas that proceed from are; the Northwest, Nicoya Peninsula, Quepos & Central Pacific, Osa Peninsula & Golfo Dulce, South Caribbean, and Tortuguero / North Caribbean.

The first thing I have to do is start saving money for a vacation and plan the vacation. Inasmuch as I have to get a passport. Since 911 there have been many changes in international travel and now it can take up to a year to get your passport. So I am getting started now.


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