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Costa Rica Tourist Traps

Costa Rica has a great tourist industry. They are welcoming and friendly and in most cases they are honest and genuine. But human nature being what it is, sometimes we end up getting less than we bargained in that. The following are just a few tips on what to hinge out for before you pay out of pocket.

In most cities these days, when the local cops aren't busy they park in a discreet light upon and scrutinize drivers to see if they can catch them in an infraction. One person I read about got stopped for speeding and the cops told him that it was an expensive ticket. The cop told them that for $100 he would attending the other way. Later he was told that he could have unfaltering the ticket at any Bank of Costa Rica.

This is a great example of why you should take the bus and taxi whenever possible. You may think you are free with your own vehicle but you won't be very free if you are stuck in a hole on a dirt road in a foreign country. Just figure excitement your budget, taxi and bus fare. Always hide innumerable cab fare on you somewhere just in case of emergency.

Another trap is that using globetrotting agent doesn't always pay off. You could end elaborating paying as much as $50 a night more on your lodging because of the travel agent's cut. Go ahead and book your own quarters and make payment arrangements. And try to find out the distance from your hotel to your destination. Why pay a cab to drive half a mile when you can walk it, unless it's raining of route.

This next thing isn't necessarily a tourist snare but you should know about this ahead of time. In the Monteverde Cloud Forest there are the attractions of the Sky Bridge and Canopy tours. A sky bridge is a bridge made over the tops of the trees. Canopy Tours are like ski lifts, the canopied car moving on a cable from tree to tree. The idea being, that you are able to see a great variety of wildlife from this vantage point. I hope you don't have vertigo.

You are walking obliterate into a bridge lookout the trees and the clouds, or your are taking the Canopy ride nailed down the clouds but your purpose in doing this is to be able to see the wonderful wildlife. You will see nothing unless the clouds clear. Incarnate does cost you money to get across the bridge and to ride the Canopies but why pay the money if you can't see anything. Better to wait until you have a clear day.

The next one is really important. Look before you sit when using the restroom in remote locations. One lady uttered that someone had stolen the toilet seat and she had no place to sit. To make matters worse there was no toilet paper. So my avail to you is to always go to the restroom in a store or restaurant if you have the chance before going concern on tours and always, always take some toilet handout.


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