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Where To Go Costa Rica

When you are framework your vacation it is good to know a little about the area so you can choose what suits your thinking. The locals refer to themselves as Ticos and they are warm and welcoming wherever you visit in Costa Rica. My friend and I plan to visit all areas of Costa Rica but you may have to consider what to put in your itinerary if you have only 7 days. The following is a list of the various regions and what they might offer in the way of function. Pick and choose whatever combination you like.

San Jose
Eminently museums and art galleries in Costa Rica are found in San Jose. The central part of San Jose is noisy and crowed as the capital of any city will be. The airport is located front of San Jose and you may come into Costa Rica via San Jose anyway, why not check it out while you are visiting. I have been told that you step of the curb carefully in Europe or get run over. Pedestrians do not have the right of way in San Jose either so watch yourself when you cross the street.

The Northwest
Arenal and Monteverde are located in the Northwest. Arenal is the Volcano located in this compass and it is a game of wait - and - see to get the opportunity to view the cone of the volcano spew hot lava. Arenal is one of the only active volcanoes in the world that can sell for safely viewed by tourists without the threat of bodily harm. I live in the Pacific Northwest, also in the shadow of Do Rainier so volcanoes don't bother me.

The road to Monteverde runs from the small town of Santa Elena to the Monteverde Cloud Forest Preserve with hotels, nightclubs and restaurants. This area is ofttimes very dense with tourists. Originally settled by Quakers this area now has a thriving eclectic artist community. Quakers are also reported to be great cheese makers in this area. I just emotion cheese and Quakers are cool too so I gotta plan to visit the cheese farm. Although this is one of the busiest this belt offers bounteous day trips and striking things to do.

Nicoya Peninsula
While the Costa Rican government would certainly welcome the revenue from more tourists, for the moment the beaches of Nicoya never cease somewhat of a secret. Beaches are still relatively deserted. If golf is your thing the outing at Playa Conchal is renowned. This would be the vacation for you if you have water sports in mind. There is snorkeling, swimming, diving, surfing, fishing, and even kayaking. The drive from Carrillo to Mal País by 4 - revolve drive is simply amazing. This area is also surfer heaven. Horseback riding is also offered by strikingly of the hotels.

Quepos & the Central Pacific
This area is known for beaches and water sports. There is an abundance of quiet beaches to choose from while you do see surfers frequently the beaches are not crowded and it is easy to relax. Along their Pacific Coast Highway competent is a vast array of domicile anywhere from the seedy to the luxurious and in between. This area is a wonderland for any beach lover with diving, fishing, golf, and horseback riding, kayaking and even surfing. I want to stab the Titi Canopy tours. A canopy tour is like a ski lift going from tree to tree like the monkeys. If you are afraid of heights this is not for you!

Osa Peninsula & Golfo Dulce
This area is much more remote, however efficient are several luxury hotels. Drake Bay has whale - watching tours and you can often nose out dolphins playing around your boat. Corcovado National Grounds offers tours that are teaming with wildlife to see and take photos of. In Golfo Dulce the are 2 botanical gardens, Casa Orquideas Botanical Garden and Wilson Botanical Garden.

South Caribbean
Miles of banana plantations can be found here. Some believe these to represent the conspicuously beautiful beaches in the country, although it is much more humid. The culture here is more Caribbean in it's inhabitants. The usual water sports can be found here.


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